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vendredi 28 mars 2008


A year from now, it'll be okay
a year from now, I'll know what to say
something that means more, I pray, than
"Time will heal our wounds"

A year from now, I'll stop keeping score
a year from now, my heart won't be so sore
but God, it's stinging to the core
next year can't come too soon

Every hour feels like days
as we build back what we threw away
it's feeling better...

A year ago, we stumbled along
through the haze in a maze of all that went wrong
a year ago we felt no pain
we only felt afraid...

By this time next year, the nightmares coul stop
and next year I just might be able to drop
the guilt I've carried as a prop
a year from now, you'll see

All these tears will help someday
to grow back what we let decay
it's feeling better every day

3 commentaire(s):

loupiote a dit…

peut-être avant ?

Anonyme a dit…

Ben alors, quoi de neuf?

Anonyme a dit…

eh beh?